Interactive Toys for Dogs in Dyer, IN

interactive toys for dogs in dyer, in

There are several types of interactive toys for dogs. The types of toys depend on the type of dog that you have.  If your dog is a chewer, you want to get them something that is sturdy and safe and nothing that is super hard that will break teeth.  Stay away from nylabones, deer antlers, cow hooves, hard rawhides, and animal bones.  Nothing worse than trying to pull a big broken tooth out of a two-year-old dog. We suggest that you use pliable dog toys. You should be able to twist and turn the toy. Use your fingernail to press into the toy to see if you can leave an indentation. 

I do not recommend that you that you give your dog pig ears.  Pig ears have been known to cause diarrhea and it can lead to pancreatitis.  A painful and condition that causes pain and vomiting.  Also, pig ears are not well regulated by the USDA and it can transmit E. coli and salmonella to everyone that touches the pig ear. 

The following products are what I recommend for your dog.

  1. Kong – Kong makes toys that you can fill with treats and they are fairly soft and pliable. There are three colors for each different dog needs.
    1. The Red Kong Classic is good for dogs that don’t typically chew. We have clients stating that they don’t like the Red Kong because their dog chewed the toy apart to get to the treat.  The Red Kong Classic is usually good for dogs that do not chew on toys.  Instead, they will work for hours licking to get to the frozen treat on the inside of the toy.  Your dog would chew on the toy on occasion, but not as their main goal to get to the treat.  –
    2. The Black Kong is for the chewer. This Kong is more durable than the Red Kong and it is made out of a stronger rubber.  This Kong will withstand the destructive nature of the chewer. – 
    3. Purple Kong – The Purple Kong Senior is a softer chewing toy for the older pet. 
    4. Stay away from the toys that causes the tug-of-war between the owner and the dog.  This teaches your dog to bite, hold, and tug on to the toy; the same natural reactions that a dog will use to hurt or kill its prey. This learned behavior can be transferred to dog aggression towards other pets, children, or adults.  I recommend that you do not encourage this behavior with your dog. 
  2. This is a wonderful company that has a monthly subscription that delivers chew toys to your pet.  Inside each box are edible treats and chew toys.  Perfect gift for the fur baby.
  3. On this website, there are multiple products that will provide enrichment for your dog and to keep them busy.  There are interactive toys that rewards the pet.
    1. Dog Brick – Hiding treats inside the puzzle and your dog will work at trying to open the different sections to get their treats. 
    2. Dog Worker – Another puzzle game for the pet.  Your pet will have to work at opening the different compartments for the treats.
  4. Snuffle mats – Hiding food in the mat will keep your dog busy looking for the hidden treats. 
  5. Chuck It Toy – This toy will give the owner and dog hours of entertainment. 
  6. Dental Chew Toys
    1. Milk-bone Brushing Chews. This is a treat that helps with the cleaning of the teeth. 
    2. Greenies Dental Treats A tasty treat that dogs love and helps in cleaning the teeth.

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