Can Dogs Eat Oranges in Dyer, IN?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges in Dyer, IN?

It is hard to determine what is safe or clean for our furry friends to eat. There is a long list of natural foods that are dangerous to dogs, however, an even longer list of what is safe! So, can dogs eat oranges? What happens if your dog eats an orange?

Don’t worry! Oranges are edible and do not pose a threat to dogs. However, not all dogs should enjoy oranges, especially if your dog is diabetic.

Are Oranges Good for Dogs?

Oranges are wonderful snacks for dogs, however, in small amounts. It is normal to give your furry pet a few slices of oranges, but you need to make sure that they are prepared the right way! Although an orange is healthy, don’t be offended if your dog is not interested! The highly acidic smell and taste drive some dogs away.

How healthy are oranges for dogs? Well, oranges naturally are high in vitamin C, potassium, and other fibers. This is perfect for moving your dog’s bowel system while also providing them with enough vitamin c to strengthen their sight!

Some people swear that eating oranges, both for humans and dogs, is a great technique for preventing eye diseases like cataracts. Although there is no concrete evidence, there is no harm in enjoying oranges!

However, dogs that should not be eating or drinking foods that are high in sugar should stay away from oranges. While sugar is natural, for diabetic dogs, this causes severe problems and can lead to consequences.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges in Dyer, IN?

How to Serve Oranges to your Dog

Please don’t give your dog a whole orange. There is a way to serve and prepare oranges for your dog that is safe and efficient. First, you will need to wash the orange. Afterwards, peel the orange! Your dog, like us as humans, cannot eat the orange peel.

Also, some dogs, especially smaller dogs, cannot eat the seeds! It is important to be wary and take the seeds out from the large oranges. If not, this can cause choking hazards. Some orange seeds are massive and can get stuck in your dog’s throat without much of a warning.

As stated before, there is nothing wrong with letting your pet enjoy a delicious orange. However, that orange should be cut into small sections. If you want to give an orange as a treat, keep in mind that you should not feed them more than one!

Fruit Dogs Should Avoid

Sadly, there are quite a few fruits that are dangerous and hard to digest for dogs. Before you pick fruits and vegetables off  your plate for your furry friend, you should avoid giving your dog the following fruit:

  • Grapes
  • Cherries
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes
  • Asparagus
  • Onions
  • Garlic

Other Snacks Dogs Can Eat as a Treat

Don’t worry though! While the list above may look extensive and scary, there are still a lot of snacks that dogs can enjoy as a treat. The fruits and vegetables that are highly nutritious and safe for dogs are:

  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pears
  • Spinach
  • Peas

Using Fruits as Rewards for Training

Want to hit two birds with one stone? Not only can you provide your dog with a healthy and all-natural snack, like oranges, but you can also use these same fruits as rewards during training. It does take time though and it is a process to find a treat your dog enjoys.

First, let your dog try some dog-safe fruits. Then, discover which fruit or vegetable they enjoy the most. Cut this vegetable or fruit into smaller sections to use during your training. For positive reinforcement, when your dog does the action you are training them to do, reward them with the fruit!

Can Dogs Eat Oranges in Dyer, IN?

What is a Good Dog Diet?

Dogs and humans have very different bodies and nutritional needs. Because of this, it is good to learn what is part of a good dog diet and why. First, dogs should be eating more protein than anything else. Dogs are lean and have muscles they frequently use.

Not only should dogs eat meat and other high proteins, but fiber! Sadly, a lot of dog foods are made with carbohydrates because they are cheaper and they fill dogs up faster. The problem with carbs is they are hard to digest. Not only that, but too many carbs can slowly increase your dog’s sugar levels, leading to a higher risk for diabetes.

Instead, look for dog foods and treats that are mainly made with fiber and protein like salmon, beef, chicken, and beans.


To conclude, fruits are delicious for both dogs and their owners! However, while humans can eat most fruits, this is not the same for dogs. For example, oranges are delicious and while most dogs are not interested in the acidic fruit, it is safe to consume!

That being said, dogs should stay away from other fruits like grapes. These fruits are toxic and cause digestive problems and pain. To prevent this, make sure to keep certain fruits and vegetables away from the reach of your dog.

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