Why is My Dog Crying: Things That Could Cause This


When our dogs seem upset or cry, it’s a signal that grabs our attention immediately. As caring pet owners, we naturally want to understand what’s bothering our four-legged family members and ensure they’re healthy and happy. In this blog, we’ll explore the various reasons why your dog might be crying, providing insights without veering into medical advice or suggesting treatments you should administer at home. If you’re concerned about your dog’s well-being, Dyer Animal Clinic in Dyer, Indiana, is here to help. Our team of compassionate veterinary professionals understands how worrying it can be when your pet is in distress. Don’t hesitate to call us at (219) 865-3737 or book an appointment online to ensure your dog gets the care they need.

Understanding Dog Cries

Dogs communicate in many ways, and crying can be a sign of a variety of needs or feelings. Unlike humans, dogs can’t use words to tell us what’s wrong, so it’s up to us to pay close attention to their behavior and physical health. Crying can be an expression of emotional states like anxiety, fear, or excitement, or it might indicate physical discomfort or health issues.

Emotional Causes of Crying

Dogs are highly social animals and can experience a wide range of emotions.

  • Separation Anxiety: One common emotional cause of crying is separation anxiety. Dogs who are overly attached to their family members may cry when left alone or separated from their loved ones.
  • Fear and Stress: Loud noises, unfamiliar environments, or changes in the household can also cause stress and fear, leading to crying.
  • Seeking Attention: Sometimes, dogs learn that crying gets them attention from their humans, whether it’s cuddles, treats, or playtime.

Physical Causes of Crying

While it’s important to be sensitive to the emotional well-being of our dogs, crying can also be a sign of physical issues.

  • Pain or Discomfort: If your dog is crying more frequently or intensely, it could be a sign of pain or discomfort. This could be due to injury, arthritis, or other health conditions.
  • Hunger or Thirst: Basic needs like hunger or thirst can also cause a dog to cry. Ensuring regular feeding schedules and access to fresh water can help mitigate this.
  • Health Issues: Certain health problems, such as ear infections, dental pain, or eye problems, can also lead to crying. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to catch and treat these issues early.

When to Seek Veterinary Care

It’s crucial to monitor your dog’s behavior and physical condition closely. If crying is accompanied by other signs of distress or illness, such as lethargy, changes in appetite, or unusual aggression, it’s time to consult a professional. Dyer Animal Clinic is equipped to diagnose and address the underlying causes of your dog’s discomfort. Remember, timely veterinary care can make all the difference in your dog’s health and happiness.

Preventing Unnecessary Distress

Prevention is always better than cure, and understanding your dog’s needs and behaviors is key to preventing unnecessary distress.

  • Establishing a stable routine and a safe, comfortable environment can help alleviate anxiety and stress in dogs.
  • Proper training and socialization from a young age can help dogs cope better with separation and unfamiliar situations, reducing the likelihood of crying due to anxiety or fear.
  • Regular check-ups at Dyer Animal Clinic can help identify and address any emerging health issues before they become serious problems.

How Dyer Animal Clinic Can Help

Seeing your dog in distress can be heart-wrenching, but understanding the reasons behind their crying is the first step towards helping them. Whether it’s emotional or physical, it’s important to address the root cause of your dog’s discomfort. At Dyer Animal Clinic, our experienced team understands the concern and anxiety pet owners feel when their dogs aren’t themselves. We offer comprehensive evaluations to get to the root of the problem, using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and compassionate care. If you’re worried about your dog’s crying, don’t wait. Call us at (219) 865-3737 or book an appointment online. Our team is here to ensure your dog gets the best possible care.

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