Dr. Molly Farrell grew up in Hammond, Indiana attended Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette, Indiana and graduated in 1989. Dr. Molly got her start in veterinary medicine at the Hammond Pet Hospital and she practiced veterinary medicine there for 25 years until she purchased the Dyer Animal Clinic in December of 2013. Since the beginning, Dr. Molly has been adding new equipment and technology to the business. Here philosophy is that the technology that is acquired will help her and the staff practice better medicine. By practicing better medicine, your pets will receive better care. Better care leads to happier and healthier pets.

Dr. Anne DeGraaf graduated from Purdue in 1981 and has been working for the Dyer Animal Clinic on a part-time basis.
Dr. Karen Huppert
Jackie Benko is the Office Manager and has worked with Dr. Farrell for over ten years.
Don Rudeski has been at Dyer Animal Clinic for several years. He loves coming to work and has wonderful ideas to improve the conditions of the practice.
Anna Kirk has been working for the Dyer Animal Clinic since January 2016.
Kim Krivach formerly worked at Lakeside Veterinary Clinic in Northern Hammond for 24years until Dr. Michaels retirement in 2014. At that time, she joined the Dyer Animal Clinic staff as a veterinary assistant.
Sandy Tyszkiewicz previously worked at Lakeside Pet Clinic for Dr. Michaels until he retired in 2014.
Lubia Rodriguez is our new vet tech that joined us in November of 2016. Her role in the clinic is to assist the doctors during their surgeries by monitoring your pets. We are extremely happy that Lubia joined our team and she has greatly improved our medical procedures here in the practice.
Tom Corey, Ed.S. is the business manager and is the husband to Dr. Molly Farrell. By trade, he was formerly an assistant superintendent for a school corporation in Northwest Indiana. He has been helping his wife since she purchased the Dyer Animal Clinic from Dr. DeVries in 2013. In January of 2016, he began working for the Dyer Animal Clinic full time. You might see him in the clinic from time to time and he usually works in the office dealing with sales people, computer networking, marketing and public relations, and the finances. Dr. Molly is happy that her husband joined the Dyer Animal Clinic full-time because he takes care of the business management.
Meisha is usually the one that hangs out in the front office sitting in front of the computer monitors or on the printer.

Dr. Molly has mentored numerous people over the years and several are already veterinarians. Currently there are two junior veterinary students that we have been mentoring for the past ten years and one day you might get to see them in our clinic!